Unit 1: Blog Post One

My Relationship with Technology

When I was really young, my relationship with technology revolved around the Paint application in Windows. Granted, that’s not the most sophisticated piece of technology in the world, but it allowed me to experiment with computer controls and using technology to make and alter pieces of art. Carrying forward, those early encounters fostered a life in which technology was never not present, and that has greatly shaped my wordly and academic outlooks. My concept of global space seems to be smaller than that of my parents and earlier generations, and my ability to do more abundant and deeper research for academic projects exceeds that of my parents ten fold. In the end, my relationship with technology can be summed up in one word: consistent.

Generationally, myself and others my age tend to view the world through technology because of this consistency. We see the world and the world’s events through screens, and that adds a manipulative lens. When we read about the world through someone else’s words, be it through news sources online, tweets, or articles, we are reading an inherant bias. Because of that, much of our generation spends time sifting through internet sources and trying to find something credible and reliable. So many people find voices and roles on the internet in some capacity, so it is often our jobs to go through and sort out the presented information.

Because of the availability of the internet as a sort of vocal platform, it is often used as a veil for those whose opinions or ideologies go against a vast majority. Without a face, without any sort of physical interaction, it is easy to type out statements that, said audibly, would be taboo or socially unacceptable. A sense masked confidence can be formed, and alliances are easily found through shared statuses or tweet rather than any sort of physical human connection. This divide between technological and living reality makes it feel as though our worlds are split: we have two or more identities depending on which world we’re in at the moment.

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