Unit 3: Blog Post One

What novel/movie/or other piece of media would you like to see mapped?


Right now, I’m taking a Medieval French Literature class, and we have read quite a few texts that involved knights going on a quest all across Europe. However, the city and country names are not entirely the same as the cities and countries we know today. It would be fascinating to take a historic map of medieval Europe and superimpose it on a modern map to view how a knight in a specific narrative traveled, particularly during the time of the Crusades. You would be able to view medieval borders and modern country borders along with seeing how the names of places have changed drastically over time.


Extending that, it would be fascinating to take multiple stories from around the same time period and trace how different knights or heroes overlapped in their quests. Did they travel to the same places? How does the movement of the story reflect the propaganda or opinions of the country of origin of the narrative? If it were possible, which it may be, it would be an interesting addition to trace along the paths different battles and specific excerpts of the text so that the viewer could read what was actually said in the narrative. This adds a certain authenticity to the project.


Finally, you could add a more modern element and map out current narratives about knights and quests (i.e. the multiple stories about King Arthur and Lancelot) and show how they may have changed to meet current country borders and city locations. It would also show a change in language and linguistic patterns. For example, if you looked at medieval French writing verses more modern French, you would be able to see not only the migration of a story, but also the movement and dynamic changes of a language over time.