Project Documentation

Process Being Documented:

Importing text and performing Regex analysis using Antconc

In this tutorial, we will be going through a step-by-step process on how to upload, manipulate, and interpret text analysis data provided by the Antconc software. We will be searching with only one Regular Expression \b[Gg]ays? to analyze and gather information from one year’s text document.

Step One:

Open up the Antconc icon and upload your text file using the “File” and “Open Files” options in the upper lefthand corner.

For the sake of this tutorial, we will be uploading the single text file from the year 2000.

Step Two:

After the file uploads, it will appear in the upper left hand box featured below. After that, you will locate the search bar at the bottom of the screen and check the Regex box located just above it.

Step Three:

Type in the Regular Expression code \b[Gg]ays? into the search bar after you have selected the Regex button. Before hitting enter, look at the top of your screen and verify that you are searching under the Concordance tab located on the far left next to the file upload space. Hit enter.

Step Four:

The words highlighted in blue are your hits. Using those hits, you must look at them contextually to decide whether or not the hit counts as a data point. For example, the last name Gaye appears in this data search. That would not fall under the “gay” or “gays” data list, so it would be removed from the list. Removing that result from the total, we find that there are four hits for “gay” and one hit for “gays.”

Step Five:

To further verify the validity of the hits, you can switch tabs from Condordance to File View and view the hits within the context of the full text document.

Step Six:

Once you have gathered and verified your data, you can put it into a spreadsheet organized by year and vocabulary word. From that point on, you are able to upload your data, make graphs, and format visualizations as you see fit.