Project Reflection

In doing this project, I definitely was able to watch my relationship with technology change for the better. Granted, the data set could feel cumbersome at times, and the OCR quality was a bit unwieldy, but in creating the project and manipulating and organizing the data myself, I have a greater appreciation for the effort and work it takes to create a text analysis project. The OCR text for the project was the most challenging for me, because the repository had a serious lack of proper OCR for the 1990s, which was without a doubt the most integral part of my project. The dates of the reels were also a little confusing, since the did not line up directly again with the volume numbers. That became a bit of challenge with my project specifically. I’ve learned that, when working with an extremely dense corpus of text as we used in this project, specificity is key. The computer really will not do something unless you give it explicit instructions, and I learned how to approach problems from the perspective of the computer as opposed to my own viewpoint. In addition to this, my conception of data has changed drastically. It always seemed so far removed from my own reality that I never understood just how manageable and tangible it could really feel. It was also an almost liberating feeling to watch the data that I had collected turn into multiple forms of graphs that actually made sense. Not only did they make sense, but they supported my hypothesis and initial thoughts surrounding the project. Within this unit, however, I probably could have differentiated my data even more and shrunk it down into more specific time frames. Since the years did not exactly match up with my volume numbers, I feel like my data was skewed just a little bit. Next unit, I will make sure that my data and dates, if I do another chronological project, align more precisely so that my project lacks as many gaps as possible.