Project Documentation

Creating an Edgelist for UCINET Visualizations

In this tutorial, we are going to go over how to create an Edgelist for UCINET visualizations using the Pre Civil War data found in this project. The concept is all about creating a social network and analyzing who knows whom. In this project, we are looking at two factors: names and birth years. You may be wondering how a birth year can really “know” anyone or how someone could “know” a birth year. For the sake of clarity and ease of use, we are going to treat each birth year before the Civil War like a person.


Step One: Open the data in the Excel workbook format.


Step Two: Copy and paste the data into two columns with repeating information as shown. This is how we get the names and the birth years to mutually “know” each other.


Step Three: The birth years must be easily read like names. That is why they are the in the format as shown below:

1866 = Six, Sixty

Change all of the birth years to follow the Last name, First Name format.

Step Four: Save the data as a CSV file and upload it into the UCINET interface using the Data>Data Editor>DL Editor. At this stage, we need to save the data as a UCINET dataset.

Step Five: When a box appears, hit File>Open Excel file> And search for your CSV file using the … button.

Step Six: When the file opens in the box, choose Edgelist1 from the drop down menu on the right.

Step Seven: Hit File>Save as UCINET and save the data as a ##h file (UCINET data format)

Step Eight: Hit Data>Data Editor>Matrix Editor and verify that your data has zeros and ones in the columns and rows under the names.

Step Nine: Hit the button on the task bar that looks like colorful squares connected with lines. This is how you visualize with NetDraw.


Step Ten: Hit the middle file folder button the top left side and choose your ##h file again.


You should now have your data visualization ready to edit in UCINET as seen below:


My peer reviewer suggested that I specify that I need to be specific when indicating whether we are looking at death years or birth years throughout the project. He also suggested that I include a little bit of how I cleaned and visualized my data.