Project Documentation

Making an Interactive Map in Carto

Step 1: Upload the data set into your Carto account. I would recommend using the Excel file embeded in the Project Data page.

Step 2: Hit create map in the bottom right hand corner. This will automatically take you to the map editing page. Once you are there, you will need to Georeference your data. You do so by hitting the analysis option at the top of the page.┬áHit the small button with three dots that says “More Options.” Choose “Edit Layer” and then hit the “Analysis” button. Once you are there, you hit the Georeference button and organize your data by countries under the country_of_origin column.

Step 3: Now that you have georeferenced the data, you will want to change the visualization to make it more appealing. Under the tab at the top of the page that says “Style” you will need to edit the color and choose “Sort by Value.” The value you will choose is country_of_origin.


Step 4: Once you have done this, you will choose the “Pop-up” tab at the top of the page. Make sure that you choose the “Hover” option instead of the “Click” option. This makes the map neater. Once you choose that, tick all the boxes so that all of the information is displayed (country_of_origin, year_of_sale, and number_of_objects).

Step 5: This is the trickiest step. Now you will create a time series to accompany the map. Go back until you see the “Layers” and “Widgets” options at the top of the screen. Don’t worry, Carto has saved your map for you. Choose the “Widgets” option and click Time Series. Once you click it, your map will return and the time series will be beneath it.

Step 6: Edit your time series by choosing the three dots on the right side that say “More Options.” Choose to edit. On the left side a menu will appear. In it, you will want to specify that you want “Years” to be your “Bucket” under the data tab.

Step 7: Make sure you choose to make the widget dynamic so that it changes the map when you switch between years.