Project Visualization

1939-1945 WWII Visualization


This visualization shows the number of items bought from each country during the years of World War II, 1939-1945 by the Getty Museum. The timeline at the bottom is organized by years, because the data did not provide specific sale dates, only years. When you click on a specific bar, it shows how many countries are represented on the map during that year, and, when you hover over the countries, a pop-up box appears indiciating the country name and how many objects were sold. The colors of the countries remain consistent so that, as you move down the time series, you can easily keep up with which country you are looking at specifically.

There is a distinct dip during the year 1941, and the most objects were sold from the highest number of countries during 1944. During 1945, we are able to see a more diverse array of countires, including Mexico and Ireland.